Hire an Estate Couple

Estate Couple

Our Estate Couple teams keep a home running smoothly, whether it is the owner’s primary or secondary residence. They typically live on-site, and their tasks may encompass a wide variety of areas between the two parties.

Duties of an Estate Couple Team

When you hire an Estate Couple Team, they will ensure that your home stays in excellent condition. Their responsibilities may include care of property (housekeeping, gardening, maintenance), as well as hosting guests, transportation, grocery shopping, meal preparation, event planning, and a number of other tasks. They may oversee vendors, keep supplies stocked, make travel arrangements and preparations, maintain care of employers’ valuables and automobiles, and/or run personal errands for the principals. Each position is custom-created for the owner’s needs, and compensation for estate couple teams is typically $200,000+/year* + benefits.

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