Executive Housekeeper Jobs & Duties

Our housekeeping staff is composed of quality and trustworthy individuals with expertise in their type of work. Our housekeeping employees will perform all housekeeping duties in one or more households, ranging from daily maintenance to heavy cleaning. Housekeeper positions are typically 30 hrs min. per week.

For our executive housekeeping jobs, we are looking for enthusiastic, professional housekeepers who possess a great deal of experience cleaning homes of a large scale, and who are familiar with maintenance and care of finer items. A housekeeping salary will vary based on the housekeeper job duties and your experience, but will always be very competitive for the industry.

We take great measure to find professional housekeepers with a service heart, great experience, and excellent references. We would love for you to join our elite team. For more information about MBF Agency, click on one of the links below: