Hire a Household Manager or Estate Manager

Estate Manager Household Manager

Your house manager or estate manager is the person you trust to manage your entire property or properties. These employees keep households operating smoothly, anticipate the needs of the principal(s), and always keep the privacy and confidentiality of their employers in mind. Positions vary a great deal, and some possible duties may include:

  • Human resources, including hiring, training, managing, bookkeeping, and payroll of household staff
  • Providing hands-on services
  • Arranging external household services / vendors / contractors
  • Managing a household budget
  • Keeping supplies stocked
  • Making travel arrangements and preparations
  • Maintaining care of employer’s valuables
  • Planning and coordinating special events including knowledge of wine and spirits
  • Running personal errands for the employer and household
  • Receiving guests and answering phones
  • Assisting in proper table setting (must be familiar with formal service)
  • Light housekeeping duties
  • Security planning
  • Administrative support
  • Finance support
  • Technology support (Smart home technology, etc.)

All candidates possess previous or related experience, and their compensation typically starts at $125,000+/year* + benefits ( + employer portion of payroll taxes) for Household and/or Estate Managers.

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