Hire a House Manager, Butler or Estate Manager

Your house manager or estate manager is the person you trust to manage your entire property or properties – from taking care of the grounds, to planning and executing events, to ensuring that your fine household items are cared for, and so much more.

Hiring a Household Manager / Hiring a Butler

An MBF household manager / butler ensures the smooth and orderly running of a household. Household managers manage the duties, schedules, and training of the household staff, as well as arrange outside household services as needed. In addition to being familiar with all domestic roles and responsibilities, MBF’s household managers also provide hands-on services. Duties may include overseeing vendors, managing a household budget, keeping supplies stocked, making travel arrangements and preparations, answering phone and receiving guests, maintaining care of employers’ valuables and automobiles, light housekeeping, planning and coordinating special events, running personal errands for the employer and household and coordinating all aspects of entertaining. Candidates may either manage the household alone or they work under an estate manager. Household managers possess previous household management, or related experience, and select candidates are professionally certified. Compensation typically starts at $100,000/year* + benefits for an MBF household manager.

Hiring an Estate Manager

Our estate managers functions as the director of a large property or multiple residences. Because estate managers supervise all household staff, all of our candidates must possess expertise in a wide range of areas, including human resources, landscaping, security planning, contractor management/scheduling and event planning. MBF estate managers can also run a variety of personal and household errands. Estate manager candidates must possess a business background, either through a degree, a training program or through related experience. Social etiquette is also a necessity; therefore MBF’s estate managers have excellent interpersonal skills and understand appropriate practices. An aptitude in technology background is also essential for an effective estate manager.

The compensation for a MBF estate manager typically starts at $125,000/year ( + employer portion of payroll taxes) and benefits. For more questions about typical pricing, our screening process, the hiring process and more, follow the links below:

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