Night Nanny in Dallas (75215) Skillman/Velasco

Night Nanny in Dallas (75215) Skillman/Velasco
Family: 176886
Location: Dallas (75215)
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Start Date: 12 weeks following birth; due date on March 24, 2023
Age(s): Newborn
Days & Hours: Sunday - Thursday; 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $33-$36/hr.

Our little one is still months away from making his or her grand arrival and already we’re

making plans! This is our first baby (cue the confetti!) and we’re taking in all things newborn. All the info; all the things needed; all the crazy stories of parenting!

Our due date is March 24, 2023, and we are looking for a Full-Time Night Nanny for the first 12 weeks to help us adjust to all the changes and still get a mostly full night’s sleep in the process. Because everything is so new to us, we’re on an extremely high learning curve but have heard talk of sleep training and schedules. We’ve also heard talk that babies have a mind of their own and what works for one won’t necessarily work with another.

Our plan is to ease into parenthood with the best of intentions and visions of schedules, but we’re also realistic, too, and know that oh-so-many changes are coming our way. Your experience with newbies will be especially valuable as we navigate this newborn stage.

We’ll need your help with all the usual night nanny responsibilities such as feeding, diapering, and changing bed linens and clothes, when necessary, but most importantly, we are looking for someone with the heart of gold to care for our tiny bundle of love in the wee hours of the night.

Our mornings will be much brighter when we’ve had the luxury of some glorious
restorative sleep, resting our confidence in you that all went well throughout the night.


  • 12 weeks following birth; due date on March 24, 2023


MBF Agency 2022-10-13 Dallas TX 75215 $ 33 - 36 / hour FULL_TIME