Short-Term Night Nanny in Lake Jackson (with travel stipend)

Short-Term Night Nanny in Lake Jackson (with travel stipend)
Family: 176826
Location: Lake Jackson, TX 77566
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Start Date: 1/16/23
Age(s): baby due 01/2023
Days & Hours: 3 nights/week
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $30-35/hr

Sweet, nurturing Night Nanny for newborn in Lake Jackson ($20/day travel fee) for at least 4 weeks. Optional: if a candidate is willing, Mom would love for the assignment to be two-weeks on, two weeks off (when dad travels) for 2-3 months, but this is not a requirement.

Night nanny will:

  • Be confident and highly knowledgeable with sleep training expertise
  • Have a calming, pleasant disposition
  • Fold baby laundry when the baby is sleeping
  • Collaborate/partner with parents to get the baby on a schedule
  • Wash/sterilize any bottles used
  • Be vaccinated – Tdap and flu shot
  • Be comfortable with dogs – the family has a 40lb Brittany Spaniel

Dad travels for work, so Mom is looking to get a restful night of sleep to be refreshed for days/evenings with the baby.

MBF Agency 2022-09-20 Lake Jackson Texas 77566 $ 30 - 35 / hour PART_TIME