PT Nanny with FT Pay in Dallas (75230) Walnut Hill/DNT

PT Nanny with FT Pay in Dallas (75230) Walnut Hill/DNT
Family: 176838
Location: Dallas (75230)
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Start Date: ASAP
Age(s): 2yo
Days & Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The schedule will change month-to-month according to mom’s work schedule but will be preliminarily made 30-60 days in advance. Holidays and weekends will be required End of October start dat
Pay Rate (pre-tax): Compensation will be a $5000/month

I’m not talking yoga, Pilates, or Barre.
I’m talking flexible schedules, flexible availability, and a whatever-it-takes mindset to
become our Part-Time Nanny. In return…full-time pay!

I know it’s a lot to ask—on-call days, weekends, holidays, and a regularly changing
schedule and for that, we are so appreciative. And as is fitting, I will show our tremendous
appreciation by offering compensation WELL ABOVE the actual hours worked.
I have a 2-year-old little boy who is fun, energetic, and oh-so-curious about everything!

I am looking for an experienced part-time Support Nanny to work with and in lieu of our current full-time Nanny Manager. In this position, you will cover the days the Nanny Manager is off, typically 10-15 days a month for five consecutive days that will usually include the weekend.
(For example, Thursday-Monday). This is the norm, however, it is imperative that you be
flexible enough to extend or alter your days due to unforeseen circumstances such as
delayed/canceled flights, illness, or additional work demands.
I do my very best to set the schedule 30-60 days in advance for everyone’s sake, but
inevitably changes are necessary, plans get adjusted, clients need more time. As they say, “It’s always something.” That said, a good mindset would be ‘plan for more; be delighted with less.’
The Nanny Manager will be responsible for our son’s manner of care and you will
receive instructions from her—the processes, the practices, and the schedules. She will provide the direction for you to execute in her absence. In addition to helping my son reach
developmental milestones, it is important that he is exposed to the arts and cultural experiences as he gets older. If you have the heart of a teacher, you’re golden! I am looking for someone with a minimum of 5+ years’ experience as a nanny, preferably with toddlers-to- preschool age children.
I’ll ask for your consent for a background check and your signature on a confidentiality
agreement just for security’s sake. My little guy is at an incredibly cute stage, if I do say so ourselves! He loves his current Nanny Manager but has plenty of love to share with you, too!

MBF Agency 2022-09-12 Dallas TX 75230 $ 5000 - 5000 / hour FULL_TIME