FT Chef in Southlake (76092)

FT Chef in Southlake (76092)
Family: 176799
Location: Southlake (76092)
For more information, Inquire Now or email kayla.martinez@mbfagency.com
Start Date: ASAP
Age(s): N/A
Days & Hours: Monday- Friday Est. hours 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  40 hours guaranteed
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $40-$65/hr. 

We’re on a mission to eat a bit healthier and have great tasting food at the same time. We’re not health fanatics—by any means! —just looking for overall good meals to satisfy and fuel us at the same time.

We are a Southlake family with older children, and we all work in and out of the house–somebody is always coming and going and grabbing a bite as they head out the door. However, we’re all wanting to eat somewhat balanced meals and have this crazy notion of sitting down to dinner together each night. That’s why we’re looking for a Full-Time Family Chef to expand our culinary horizons and take the prep work out of all our meals.

We want someone with a vast recipe file that capitalizes on the freshest of the fresh in season. Bushels of corn straight from the farmer’s market? Bring it on. The sweetest peaches of the season? Sounds delish! Overall, our preference is for mainstream fruits and veggies—think corn, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, peaches, plums, and all the berries! Whatever is fresh, in abundance, and within your recipe repertoire sounds like a winner to us. You will have completely free reign as to what to purchase, prep, and present. We’ll graciously try any and
everything you make—at least once! For your part, we ask that you make note of who loved what and who politely passed on a second serving. Every meal will be a chance for us to get to know one another just a little bit better. Before long, we’ll have our own personal fan favorites and be clamoring for Friday frittatas or Tuesday tacos.

We ask that breakfast be ready by 8:30 a.m. and lunch by noon and both meals have pick-up-and-go options (think wraps, portable salads, muffins, and more). Dinner is early and should be ready at 5:00 p.m. As part of all the planning and prep, we ask that you keep your domain—the kitchen—clean and sanitized and keep our supplies stocked and appliances in good working order.
We are so excited to welcome you to our kitchen and look forward to tasting and trying and thoroughly enjoying what you prepare for our crew.

MBF Agency 2022-08-11 Southlake TX 76092 $ 40 - 65 / hour FULL_TIME