Night Nanny in Lantana (76226)

Night Nanny in Lantana (76226)
Family: 176778
Location: Lantana (76226)
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Start Date: November
Age(s): Newborn
Days & Hours:  Monday – Thursday; 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. (40 hours a week)
Pay Rate (pre-tax):  $33-40/hr.

For the love of sleep! We’re expecting our second child mid-November and since ‘this isn’t our first rodeo,’ we know all the adjustments that await us with the arrival of a newborn. We also know how very important it is for Mom to get a respectable amount of sleep to be at her best, so we are looking for a Night Nanny to help us sleep train our new arrival. Mom will nurse exclusively in the beginning but will work towards introducing bottles to allow others to handle occasional feedings.
Overall, we’re a pretty laid-back family and our approach to sleep training is the same—calm, flexible, and not uber-rigid. We know it’s a process but also appreciate that every baby is unique so we’re very receptive to making whatever accommodations need to be made that are best for baby and mom. We know it’s a crazy upside-down schedule—working nights instead of days—but it’s not forever. What will be forever, however, is the wonderfully helpful impact you can have on our family as we transition to a family of four—well-rested and happy to greet the day!



MBF Agency 2022-07-25 Lantana TX 76226 $ 33 - 40 / hour FULL_TIME