Full Time Nanny Manager in Plano 75093 (Spring Creek/Coit)

Full Time Nanny Manager in Plano 75093 (Spring Creek/Coit)
Family: 176760
Location: Plano 75093
For more information, Inquire Now or email kayla.martinez@mbfagency.com
Start Date: ASAP
Age(s): 3yo and 1yo
Days & Hours: Monday – Friday; 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Guaranteed 30 hours a week
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $25-$28/hr.

Calm, organized, and punctual.

Patient, kind, and reliable.

These are the biggies we’re looking for in a Full-Time Nanny Manager for our 3-year-old little girl and 1-year-old little boy. Mom and dad feel strongly about their parenting style (attachment parenting, cry-it-out (for the oldest), genteel sleep training (for the youngest), and no time-outs), so we’re needing someone who is either in agreement with these methods or extremely patient. We’re not saying it’s always easy (because it can be really tiring if we’re honest!), but it’s what we feel is best for our kids and is important to consistently practice in our home.

As an example, in lieu of time-outs, we work really hard to remember they are just little ones, just now learning how to work through their emotions, and do our best to work with them through their tantrums. It is also important to us for our nanny to be full-on engaging with the kids, not simply watching them play passively. We work very intentionally to create a home environment that is encouraging, energizing, and open to exploring, growing, and learning. The kids love outdoor play which is especially important as we don’t allow any screen time at this point. Crafts are also a fave for our crew. Our oldest will be in a Mother’s Day Out program three days a week allowing you lots of extra one-on-one time with our youngest.

If you’re an organizational whiz, extra points will be awarded! We need all the systems to keep things where they belong, papers filed, toys stored, and schedules up-to-date. Meal prep would be a bonus, but not a necessity. However, flexibility would be greatly appreciated as Mom may need extra time on some days for appointments or errands or as an evening sitter for date night for mom and dad.

One area we simply cannot be flexible in is punctuality. Mom’s work-from-home job consists mainly of scheduled client calls that must be made on time. These calls are scheduled weeks in advance and it is extremely disruptive if she has to deal with nanny delays or last-minute cancellations. That said, please figure in any possible allowances you need to make (traffic, construction, weather) to make sure you are able to arrive on time and ready to begin caring for the children.

We’re a full-on toddler house with all the laughing, learning, and silly stories that comes with this special age. We know it won’t last long so we’re trying to soak it all in now and savor these sweet days with such little ones.



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