Part Time Nanny Manager in Lantana (76226)

Part Time Nanny Manager in Lantana (76226)
Family: 176384
Location: Lantana (76226)
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Start Date: August 8th
Age(s): 1yo
Days & Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 PM or 2:00PM 25-30 hours/wk.
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $28-$30/hr.

We are a fun-loving Lantana family that fully embraces the Montessori mindset in all that we do—so much so, we own a local, private Montessori school in the area. We are looking for a Full-Time Nanny Manager to partner with us in caring for our 1-year-old son and to keep things running smoothly on the home front as well. Because we so fully support the Montessori method, we place a high priority on a thoughtfully prepared and highly organized environment that allows all of us to thrive—it’s a win-win-win gameplan for mom and dad, our son, and YOU!

Most days mom will be home and is looking for someone to assist with caring for her son, but also to have the intuition not to interrupt their time together and to tend to other responsibilities during these special times. Some days mom will step out and run errands or tend to school matters; other days she’ll ask that you handle the errands for her. Household tasks include preparing simple, healthy meals, family laundry, light housekeeping, and keeping the nursery stocked with all the essentials.

We’re an overall pretty healthy-minded crew who enjoys the outdoors and exercise and want to pass this love of all things nature on to our son as well. It is also important that we work together to establish healthy daily rhythms for sleep, eating, and lots of developmental playtime. Safety is a big deal to us and so keeping a constant watch over our son when you’re in charge is the top priority over everything else. (And if you’re a babyproofing whiz, we’ll be forever grateful!)

And here’s the bonus for just the right candidate…your child(ren) can attend our Montessori school at only 25% of the standard cost—that’s a huge deal, if we do say so ourselves! We are planning for the long-term and want our Nanny Manager to do so, too. We are looking for a great fit for our little guy and our family and hope it’s a relationship that deepens through the years.

MBF Agency 2022-06-24 Lantana TX 76226 $ 28 - 30 / hour PART_TIME