Part Time Laundress in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Part Time Laundress in Spartanburg, South Carolina
Family: 176653
Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina
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Start Date: 05/02/22
Age(s): N/A
Days & Hours:  Part-time; flexible hours •    Guaranteed 20 hrs./wk.
Pay Rate (pre-tax):  $25-$30/hr.

You know those dream closets on Pinterest? That’s the look we’ve got and the look we’re seeking to maintain. We want to feel a sense of delight when we step inside and take in all the matching hangers, bins, and boxes. We want our sweaters, shoes, and scarves so artfully arranged the Home Edit girls will be calling us for tips!
•    We know our clothes speak volumes about who we are and how we see ourselves; that is why we’re looking for a part-time laundress to help our family put our best foot forward. Sure, there’ll be the usual laundry, ironing, and steaming, but we’re looking for a closet whiz, a master of organization, and a folding phenom! We maintain seasonal wardrobes and make closet transfers as the temperatures change several times a year.
•    We’re an active Spartanburg, South Carolina, family and we travel a fair amount. As such, you’ll need to be an ace packer (and unpacker!) to help make sure we’ve got everything we need for trips near and far. We’ll do our part in selecting what to take and ask for you to pack our bags accordingly. We also regularly send clothes to the dry cleaner and the tailor and ask that flawless records be kept about what clothing has been sent where and when it’s expected to be complete.
Stains be gone and systems take hold. Come and join our household staff and revel in the satisfaction of the cleanest closets in town! Covid vaccine required.


MBF Agency 2022-04-26 Spartanburg South Carolina 75078 $ 25 - 30 / hour PART_TIME