Part Time/Weekend Nanny in Mansfield (76063)

Part Time/Weekend Nanny in Mansfield (76063)
Family: 175860
Location: Mansfield (76063)
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Start Date: ASAP
Age(s): newborn twins (boy/girl)
Days & Hours: Sat-Sun 8AM-4PM
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $20/hr-$22/hr

Mansfield family (76063) is seeking a Part Time Weekend Nanny to care for their newborn twins (boy/girl). Daily tasks surround all essential newborn care duties such as feeding, diapering, developmental playtime/activities to nurture their mental and physical growth. As the children grow, the Nanny should also engage them in additional activities that will implement education along with physical and mental health and development. All cleaning pertaining to the children is included as well. The ideal candidate would be warm, loving, reliable, communicative and ready to partner with a family on a long term basis.

Hours: Sat-Sun 8AM-4PM

Pay: $20/hr-$22/hr

MBF Agency 2020-12-08 Mansfield TX 76063 $ 20 - 22 / hour PART_TIME