FT Nanny Manager in Frisco (75036)

FT Nanny Manager in Frisco (75036)
Family: 176481
Location: Frisco (75036)
For more information, Inquire Now or email kayla.martinez@mbfagency.com
Start Date: ASAP
Age(s): 7yo, 5yo, Baby
Days & Hours: Monday – Friday; 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 45 hours guaranteed
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $25/hr.

And baby makes three…kids, that is! We are a family of two darling little girls (ages 7- and 5-years-old) who were just promoted to Big Sister. They are smitten with their baby brother and are loving getting to help take care of this squishy little man. However, this full-on sister brigade will be in school soon and Mom and Dad are needing a Full-Time Nanny Manager to step in help care for everyone and everything!

We are a fun-loving Frisco family needing mostly baby care until school is out each day then switching to fun for everyone as the girls return home. During school hours, most of your time will be focused on the baby when he is awake and handling a few household responsibilities when he’s napping. The girls need to be picked up each day at 3:30 and are always up for a trip to the park, a fun outing, or a special craft at home. If you keep the little ladies well supplied in arts and crafts materials, afternoons will be a breeze. Paints, pipe cleaners, beads, and more—they love it all! Friendship bracelets and popsicle frames would be a major hit with these two.

Occasionally they will have birthday parties, special activities, or appointments to be delivered to as well. There’s daily homework, they may need your ‘encouragement’ to get it done sooner rather than later. We ask that you rotate the girls’ clothes seasonally and the toys to some degree just to keep them engaged.

The housekeeping is generally light and includes family laundry, tidy up and make the beds in the morning. Prior to the end of the day, we need the girl’s fed dinner and make sure they are bathed and ready for bed. We ask that you help us keep our pantry and fridge stocked with all the staples and ingredients needed for planned meals.

Not surprisingly, mom and dad love the occasional night out and are looking for a nanny manager flexible enough to stay later now and then with plenty of notice given.

It’s been a wonderful season watching our girls learning how best to help their baby brother. They know his cries, his giggles, and what he wants oftentimes well before anyone else does. Afternoon pick-up from school will be a sweet, sweet reunion for ‘the bigs’ this year as they race to reconnect at the end of the day. Help us keep these early days running smoothly by caring for our crew and home.

  • Must be covid vaccinated
MBF Agency 2022-07-29 Frisco TX 75036 $ 25 - 25 / hour FULL_TIME