Part-Time Night Nanny in Dallas (75209) Lovers/Inwood

Part-Time Night Nanny in Dallas (75209) Lovers/Inwood
Family: 176680
Location: Dallas, 75209
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Start Date: Baby due June 24th
Age(s): Newborn
Days & Hours: 2 nonconsecutive nights per week; Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday; 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $30-$35/hr.

New little one is on the way and we need a night nanny beginning on Day 1!

This isn’t our ‘first rodeo,’ so to speak, in terms of newborns and that’s why we’re calling
for all hands on deck from the get-go. We know what we had before (colic and exhausting sleep deprivation) and we know what we’re going for this time around (glorious, restorative sleep!).

Our baby girl is due June 24th and we’d LOVE for you to be here to welcome her home
(and, let’s be honest, to give mama a good night’s sleep in her own bed!). We’re looking for
someone to come two nights a week, though preferably not back-to-back nights. Something like a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday set-up. We’re flexible on the hours but are suggesting 10-hour shifts, probably 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.

Mom will nurse every three hours in the beginning with plans to increase the feeding
intervals as big girl’s tummy grows to hold more. We may also transition to pumping and bottles for nighttime feedings before too long. The end goal is a sustainable sleep schedule for mom and baby (and everyone else in the house, too!). Mom wants to handle the nursing and allow the night nanny to take care of the rest of the nighttime routine including diapering, swaddling, and getting sweet girl back to sleep again. During sleep times we’re asking that you keep a watchful eye on her just for our peace of mind.

We believe a calm caregiver contributes to a calm baby, so come capable but chill,
knowledgeable but not prone to overreacting. During feedings, we ask that you take care of some of the clean-up responsibilities such as washing bottles and pump parts, restocking the changing table, and emptying the diaper pail. Because we’ve got a bit of time before our little one’s arrival, we want to get to know you, hear about your previous experience with newborns, and any insights you’ve gleaned along the way. Help this soon-to-be second-time mama keep her sanity and be the night nanny dreams are made of. Covid Vaccination Required

MBF Agency 2022-05-06 Dallas TX 75209 $ 30 - 35 / hour PART_TIME