Part-Time Nanny in Plano (75075 Parker Rd./Custer Rd.)

Part-Time Nanny in Plano (75075 Parker Rd./Custer Rd.)
Family: 176610
Location: Plano (75075)
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Start Date: May 2nd, 2022
Age(s): 4yo, newborn in June
Days & Hours: 3 nights a week- 3:30 PM- 8:30/9:00 PM (ideally Tue night) 2 weekdays- 10 AM – 5 PM (1 weekday could be MW or F and another one could be T or Thu) 25 hours guaranteed
Pay Rate (pre-tax): $28-$30/hr.

Where once there were three, there soon will be four!

We’re a Plano family expecting our second child (a daughter!) in June. She’ll join her 3-year-old big sister as our family expands. We are seeking a part-time nanny to grow right alongside our family. With all the excitement a newborn brings, there’s also lots of special baby needs, too, and that’s where you come in. Bottles to wash, diapers to change, and crib sheets to keep fresh! The good news—there’ll also be lots of baby snuggles, lullabies, and exciting milestones with our sweet girl.

When little sister is snoozing, our hope is for our older daughter to have your undivided attention. This includes helping her get dressed and ready for the day, planning educational activities, and pulling out the glue sticks and crayons for some crafty creations. She loves playing outside and when the temperatures soar, we’ve got a three-foot pool if you’re comfortable taking a shallow dip with her.

Both girls will need their laundry taken care of, bed linens changed regularly, and their respective play areas kept picked up and organized. Toys are rotated regularly just to keep playtime fresh and fun. On the scheduled evenings when you’re with the girls, helping with mealtime and bathtime bubbles is part of the routine.

Dad works in an office mostly and mom works part-time on a non-profit of their own creation. She’ll have occasional appointments to make and functions to attend but will be home whenever possible and hands-on with her crew. When we travel as a family, we would welcome you to join us wherever and whenever possible.

We’re looking for our nanny to have a servant’s heart both to serve and tend to our family’s needs but also to model this for our impressionable young girls. No Covid vaccine required.

MBF Agency 2022-04-04 Plano TX 75075 $ 28 - 30 / hour PART_TIME