Full Time Educator/Tutor in Fort Worth (76107-Westover Hills)

Family: 175296
Location: Fort Worth (76107-Westover Hills)
For more information, Inquire Now or email meagan.jerome@mbfagency.com
Start Date: Spring/Summer 2020
Age(s): 7th and 9th grade girls
Days & Hours: 50 hours per week (see job description)
Pay Rate (pre-tax): 10%-20% above already established pay at current role

Fort Worth, TX family (76107-Westover Hills) is seeking a Full Time Child Educator/Tutor to assist their seventh and ninth grade girls. They are seeking candidates with 2-5 years of teaching experience, ideally focused on middle or high school.  Someone with the relevant grade level experience from Teach for America would also be a plus. The candidate may also have experience as an outside school tutor.  Any standardize testing teaching experience is also a plus.  Start date will be sometime after spring semester ends in 2020, perhaps July 1st or July 15th. However, some part time work is requested during the Spring of 2020 to get acclimated to the students along with their current tutor who will be leaving in June 2020.

Pay/Hour Information: Total compensation will be increased up to 10-20% over current compensation based on experience, plus full benefits.

  • Compensation is based on 12 months of work but unpaid summers off are open for discussion.  For those who want 12 months paid salary, candidates can assist the family with their charitable foundation and philanthropic giving or perhaps travel with the family and assist them.
  • This individual will work an average of 50 hours per week during the school year with a typical schedule of noon-10pm Sunday-Thursday, but some flexibility is required dependent on school workload, e.g. occasional Friday or Saturday work will be required from time to time during exams or major papers.

The successful candidate will:

  1. Have Middle or High school teaching experience
  2. B.A. from Top 25 ranked University
  3. Have had a 3.5 GPA, have SAT score above 2040 (or 1400 on new scale)
  4. Be willing to work for 2+ years with the family
  5. Have a good Texas tie
  6. Be a great teacher; classroom management is not part of this job
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